“Today, despite the ever increasing influence and importance of East Asian cultures and peoples across international fields of art and creativity, the East is still often seen through an exoticized lens, treated as a “niche”, or maintained as an “other” reality. The fashion industry I work within is a place full of many cultural confusions; from casting to aesthetic choices to design, it is a lack of information rather than a lack of will that leads to misinterpretations, misunderstandings and naiveties/faults of perception. The purpose of the Ying Xiang platform is to provide an alternate narrative, by providing research, comment and reflection from and related to East Asian experience, for people to interpret on their own terms.”

—Yueshu Jian 见悦书, Founding Director, Paris, March 2020

Ying Xiang 映象 Journal is a non-profit research project focused on the influences of Asia on contemporary cultures. It was initiated in 2020 by Yueshu Jian (Founding Director), in collaboration with Joël Vacheron (Editorial Director) and Grégory Ambos (Creative Director). Committed to following an intersectional approach, the project will consist of a six volume journal, accessible in digital format.

Ying Xiang 映象 Journal provides a platform for personal experiences, opinions and creative issues that tend to be under/mis-represented in global media. The online platform is designed to be updated constantly with new material, which will be compiled into a biannual volume combining essays, non-fiction, conversations, visual essays, reviews, as well as bulletins (detailing exhibitions, books, films, music, etc.).


Director (Founder)
Yueshu Jian 见悦书

Editorial Director (Co-founder)
Joël Vacheron

Creative Director (Co-founder)
Grégory Ambos

Associate Editors
Adeena Mey
Chooc-Ly Tan
Echo Guo 郭畅
Justin Jaeckle
Kyung Roh Bannwart
Ming Lin
Nicoletta Jordanis

Copy Editor
Janine Armin

Jinzhe Li 李琎喆