Introducing Young Blood Award
Graduate DesignLive is being launched by Lu Junyi Design Live in 2021 after years of celebrating and showcasing the work of young Chinese design graduates flooding into the creative world.
Why is the salaryman carrying a surfboard?
A bilingual book about the history and context of institutional white supremacy in the Japanese design industry
The Witches of the 1964 Olympic Games
A new documentary presents Japan’s most famous women’s volleyball team
 "----------////----" is the name of Lau Wai's exhibition in Hong Kong
 "----------////----" is the first gallery solo exhibition of Lau Wai in Hong Kong.
Art Fashion Exhibition UK
CFGNY presents “Collecting Dissonance” at Auto Italia
Auto Italia presents Collecting Dissonance, a newly commissioned exhibition of sculpture, image and garment works by the New York collective and label CFGNY.
Art Culture Pandemic Internet Hong Kong
Launch of an online archive about Hong Kong art ecology
Launch of the website and the independent publication entitled Things will Work out Tomorrow, in which 59 artists and collectives are reacting to the mutations of Hong Kong art ecology.
Art Exhibition UK Ecology
Zadie Xa’s exhibition at the Leeds Art Gallery
Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreamers at Leeds Art Gallery marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK.