Introducing Young Blood Award

Chen Kexin 陈珂欣, Essential City Foraging — Edible Insect Guidebook, Graphic Media Design, 2021

Graduate DesignLive is being launched by Lu Junyi Design Live in 2021 after years of celebrating and showcasing the work of young Chinese design graduates flooding into the creative world.

With an inevitable international outlook – the imprint of Shanghai is where the team is based, Young Blood Award dedicates itself to nurturing both art school graduates in China and abroad, the spotlight is being shared between Jury members, the graduates as well as the institutions and tutors of the awarded graduates.

The first Young Blood Award invited 10 well-known designers including Benoît Bodhuin, Chris Harnan, Colin Doerffler, Dinamo, Ichijo Hikaru, Mark Bohle, Stephanie Specht, Tienmin Liao, The Royal Studio - João Castro and Tomas Laar to form a jury to select this year's outstanding graduation design works. The jury of the competition completed the selection of 10 categories and finally selected 121 shortlisted works.